Kühne Traditional Mild Mustard in Mug

Kühne Traditional Mild Mustard in Mug


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On the inside of this neat and delicate glass mug is a consistently creamy Mild Mustard by Kuhnes. As soon as your lips meet with the mild mustard you'll explore one or two distinct flavors making it a great add-on. The mug stands out bringing class and helps define what it feels like to enjoy an authentic dip or pour from the original grounded mustard seeds. Enjoy it with freshly baked pretzels, salads, meats, or any other dishes you prefer. As soon as the mustard is finished, the tradition place the glass mug upright inside of your cabinet as a souvenir.

Ingredients: Mustard Seeds, Water, Spirit Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Spices

Best Before, but not Expired: 4/15/25

Net size: 255 g. / 9.0 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany