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Pernigotti Hazelnut Gianduia Chocolate Spreads

Discover these decadent creamy spreads of either dark or milk chocolate and hazelnuts.
Invented in Turin, Italy, where the Piedmonte region is known for its prized hazelnuts.

What makes Pernigotti Hazelnut Chocolate Spreads superior to supermarket brands?
100% Natural ingredients
No Preservatives, No Vegetable Oils, No Glucose Syrup
High Percentage of both Cocoa and Hazelnuts
Palm Oil Free, GMO Free, Gluten free
Kosher OU D Certification, Halal Certification

These delicious Pernigotti Hazelnut Dark and Milk Gianduia Chocolate Spreads, 
as well as Pernigotti Gianduia Chocolates,
are in our Pernigotti Collection.