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Bitters are flavor extracts made by infusing barks, flowers, roots, herbs, and fruits in alcohol. They are used in cocktails by adding drops and dashes as their concentrated flavor is quite strong. They can be thought of as the “Salt and Pepper” of the cocktail world, improving flavor as well as bringing in some of their own flavors.

The biggest category of bitters are Aromatic, which balance the botanical ingredients so that there is no one dominant flavor. Citrus bitters center on a dominant citrus fruit, with Orange Bitters being the most popular. Herbal bitters have a dominant herbal note to them, whether it’s tarragon or thyme, while Spice bitters like Cinnamon are warming. Fruit bitters tend to be sweeter with a specific fruit flavor. Nut bitters include coffee and chocolate bitters.

Try these amazingly delicious Cocktail Recipes using the fine bitters we have carefully selected for you!

Cocktail Recipes using bitters

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