History of Verpoorten Egg Liqueur

VERPOORTEN stands for "Quality since 1876". Its recipe has been passed down over five generations and still remains in family hands today. For VERPOORTEN ORIGINAL, only fresh, premium quality Grade A eggs are used. The eggs are automatically cracked open at their facilities using the most modern and hygienic methods. They are untouched by human hand and processed together with carefully selected ingredients. The "Yellow Classic" is produced without any artificial coloring or thickeners whatsoever.

The Secret Recipe of 1876

Verpoorten gives away only so much: For a bottle of the Yellow Classic you need fresh egg yolks, high-class distillates, as well as further high-quality ingredients. But the exact composition of the VERPOORTEN is a corporate secret; and is to remain one. The exact recipe was invented by the corporate founder Eugen Verpoorten in the year 1876 and has now been with the Verpoortens for five generations. The recipe is good. Even very good: It has not changed up to the present day.

The Origins of Egg Liqueur

Egg liqueur has its origins in what we today call Brazil. In the 17th century Portuguese and Dutch colonists discovered a special treat with the original inhabitants, the Tupi Guarani tribes at the banks of the Amazon: it was called "Aguacate", a delicious beverage mixed from the yellow butter-soft flesh of the Avocado fruit. The colonists improved the Indian recipe with cane sugar and rum to an Avocado liqueur ("Advocaat"), which represents the prototype of today's egg liqueur. But how did the egg come into the egg liqueur?

When the Dutch were expelled from today's Brazil in 1654, they took along the recipe and Avocados. They planted the Avocado trees in their Indonesian properties, where they could enjoy their "Advocaat" unimpaired. But ensuring the drinking pleasure at home presented a problem: No matter how often they tried, they never managed to cultivate the Avocado trees in the cool climate of European latitudes.

People therefore started looking for a substitute for the creamy yellow flesh of the fruit. A liqueur-fond Dutchman finally discovered an excellent ingredient, combining the creamy consistency with a similar yellow colour: Egg yolk. The resourceful gourmet mixed yolk, brandy, sugar, and other fine ingredients into an egg liqueur composition, which was truly equal to the Avocado liqueur in pleasant taste, characteristic flavour, inciting and strengthening effect, as well as appearance.