Strega Torroncini in Bag
Strega Torroncini in Bag
Strega Torroncini in Bag -

Strega Torroncini in Bag


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The Strega Torroncini Bag contains small, individually wrapped pieces of nougat flavored with Strega Italian Liqueur and then covered with decadent dark chocolate. 


Producer of the renowned Liquore Strega “Witch’s Liqueur”, from Benevento is the traditional home of torrone for more than 150 years. With only the best ingredients such as Millefiori honey, almonds from Bari, and hazelnuts from Campania, the torrone is made with varying recipes and techniques to create both traditional, crunchy yet crumbly, and the softer version that melts in your mouth. Varieties abound with chocolate, citrus, and liqueurs, and with the addition of pistachios and dried fruits, as well as sponge biscuits, the taste is even more special. Quality, expertise, and artisan methods make our torrone an extremely excellent choice.

Net Weight: 150 g. / 5.3 oz.

Country of Origin: Italy

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