Saico Alstädter During the Holidays Light Box

Saico Alstädter During the Holidays Light Box


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With each holiday season, the homes of the German ERZGEBIRGE (Ore Mountains) begin to glow with the soft rays of special lights. Traditional light arches are sending their light from the windows of the homes out into the world. These magnificent lights originate from the ore and silver miners, who have shaped the economy here since the 12th century.

We present a new arch this year Lichterbogenerhöhung "Altstädter“.  The "Old Town" during the holidays. This incredibly intricate  light box depicts the Old Town after a snowfall. No detail went undone from  snowman  down to the pretzel being bought from the vendor

All of the pieces have been hand carved and Made in Germany.

Today, light arches adorn fireplace mantles and are used to illuminate the windows and rooms of homes during the holidays. Light arches are primarily made of wood and as for hundreds of years, are made by hand. 

Size: 30.31 x 5.70 x 7.48“ (L x W x H)
Country of Origin: Germany