Les 2 Marmottes Tilleul Linden Flower Tea
Les 2 Marmottes Tilleul Linden Flower Tea
Les 2 Marmottes Tilleul Linden Flower Tea
Les 2 Marmottes Tilleul Linden Flower Tea

Les 2 Marmottes Tilleul Linden Flower Tea


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Linden Flower Infusion with a subtle taste of honey without the bees.

The lime tree, as you know, is a tree, but not just any tree! With its heart-shaped leaves, this emblem of Love but also of Justice and Freedom produces treasures. Everything is good in this tree of abundance revered since Antiquity: bark, leaves, flowers and seeds!

At Les 2 Marmottes, it is these delicate flowers that our master infusers select, when ripe and from the best terroirs, to create this soft, relaxing infusion with a sweet scent. This herbal tea has a honeyed flavor like no other, with a delicate taste between sweet and floral.

For even more sweetness, fans can add a spoonful of honey. Linden honey of course, naturally sweet and fragrant. With this linden herbal tea with a real plant taste, it's impossible not to see life in candy pink! 

Tasting characteristics

At sight, a yellow dress, tinged with very light green.

On the nose, a slight smell of honey.

At the tasting, the slight taste of honey, already present on the nose, is felt.

What are the benefits of lime blossom tea?

Linden has a gentle authority and the ability to soothe young and old alike. Too much excitement in the air? Overwork and nerves on edge? An infusion of linden to help you relax and peace settles in. 

But this is not the only virtue of this sacred tree which became, in the 18th century, the emblem of French gardens! Aromatic, elegant, beneficent and almost eternal - it can live for 400 years and more! -, this colossus with silver leaves only wants you well. Linden tea is a valuable ally: it helps relieve digestive problems, headaches and body aches. When you get out of bed and throughout the day, this relaxing infusion diffuses its benefits as hot as it is cold.

And all this without caffeine, of course!


One of France's most beloved brands, Les 2 Marmottes offers an extensive line of all-natural infusions and teas. In a workshop in Haute Savoie, these masters work their magic with more than 50 species of plants to produce this colorful
and healthy line of infusions that range from the soothing to the invigorating and beyond. No artificial flavors are ever used.

Each box contains 30 Sachets.

Best Before, but not Expired: 11/30/25

Weight 46 g. / 1.6 oz.
Country of Origin: France