Lebkuchen Schmidt Elise Plum-Cinnamon
Lebkuchen Schmidt Elise Plum-Cinnamon

Lebkuchen Schmidt Elise Plum-Cinnamon


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The popular Lebkuchen of the Year 2020! Every year, a different recipe is chosen and to be enjoyed - in this instance, the Elise Plum-Cinnamon. The Elisen Lebkuchen are known for their high nut content and low flour content. Every Elise is baked with a fresh wafer and is finished off with unique coatings. The 2020 recipe, the Elise Plum-Cinnamon, is located in the crown of Lebkuchen baking. Refined with plum and generous amounts of cinnamon, the flavour profile of this treat is an exquisite combination of winter and Christmas. Not only is cinnamon a prominent ingredient in Christmas baking, but it is also widely used in winter cuisine. The scent of cinnamon-infused apples, cinnamon stars and plum cake brings to mind cosy days and nights during the Christmas season.

Net Weight: 275 g. / 9.70 oz.

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