Lebkuchen Schmidt Elise Plum-Cinnamon

Lebkuchen Schmidt Elise Plum-Cinnamon


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An extremely popular favorite from last year, we decided to bring it back! Lebkuchen of the Year 2020! Every year we choose a new recipe, which we proudly present to you, because the award-winning Lebkuchen specialities are among the best that leave our bakery.

Our choice for the Lebkuchen of the Year 2020 was the Elise Plum-Cinnamon: a creation of two delights that are inextricably linked winter and Christmas!

We don't have to tell you much about the Elisen Lebkuchen: Thanks to their exquisite ingredients, a high nut content and a low flour content, they are the crowning glory of the art of Lebkuchen. Each Elise is baked on a fine, fresh wafer and coated in various ways. The Lebkuchen of the Year is refined with plum pieces and an extra dash of cinnamon - an incredibly delicious creation.

Cinnamon has always been one of the main spices in Christmas baking and in winter cuisine in general. The smell of baked apples with cinnamon, cinnamon stars and, of course, plum cake with plenty of cinnamon exudes the homely, cosy atmosphere of cosy evenings on the sofa and, of course, Christmas. 

Net Weight: 275 g. / 9.70 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

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