Lebkuchen Schmidt Nuss Elisen

Lebkuchen Schmidt Nuss Elisen


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The purest pleasure since Elisen Lebkuchen has existed: the nut gingerbread from Lebkuchen-Schmidt! Without glaze and without chocolate, these gingerbread taste like unadulterated fine nuts: After all, Elisen Lebkuchen has at least 25 percent nut content! Only the best almonds, hazelnuts and/or walnuts are used in the gingerbread mixture, for the highest quality and best taste.

Be inspired by this delicious alternative - our delicious Elisen Lebkuchen taste just as good with tea and coffee as they do as a small dessert after the lunch break.

But of course you can also give away the fine Nuremberg Elisen Lebkuchen as a gift! 

Net Weight: 275 g. / 9.7 oz.