Lebkuchen Schmidt Nuremberg Cinnamon Stars

Lebkuchen Schmidt Nuremberg Cinnamon Stars


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There is always a place reserved for them on the Christmas biscuit plate: delicate cinnamon stars, coated with a fine sugar glaze. No other spice is as associated with Christmas as cinnamon, so it's no wonder that cinnamon stars are the classic Christmas biscuits.

Our master bakers use only the best ingredients for these aromatic delicacies: Exquisite nuts and almonds are mixed with fresh beaten egg whites to form a spicy, nutty, vanilla-like mass to become a delight for your palate as cinnamon stars on the baking tray.

Cinnamon stars are actually the most exotic of the Christmas biscuits, as they are not made of shortcrust pastry, but only of beaten egg whites and nuts. But they taste so incredibly good with cinnamon and are so moist that we haven't yet met anyone who doesn't like them.

Our Nuremberg cinnamon stars keep fresh for a long time if you store them in a cool, dry place. Order several packs now so you'll always have some on hand when visitors come or you need a delicious little gift!

Net Weight:  130 g. / 4.59 oz. 

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