Lebkuchen Schmidt Kaiser Elisen Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen Schmidt Kaiser Elisen Lebkuchen


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Elisen Lebkuchen are actually already the crowning glory of the art of gingerbread - thanks to their high nut content (at least 24 percent in Lebkuchen-Schmidt) and their precisely determined, high-quality ingredients such as spices, honey and wafers, they reach the highest quality level in Lebkuchen.

But among the queens there are also emperors! While other Elisen Lebkuchen traditionally require less than ten percent flour, our exquisite Kaiser Elisen Lebkuchen contain no flour at all! That means: Pure gingerbread enjoyment, unmistakably exquisite and clearly almost addictive! To round off the taste, we have coated the gingerbread with the finest chocolate - the interaction of the ingredients is a taste experience of a particularly delicious kind.

We're sure: Once you have tried our Kaiser Elisen, they will be part of your gingerbread plate forever during the Christmas season. Order your winter stock now - stored cool and dry, even our Kaiser Elisen stay fresh and unspeakably delicious for a long time!

Net Weight: 270 g. / 9.52 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany