Lebkuchen Schmidt Elisen Queen Lebkuchen of the Year

Lebkuchen Schmidt Elisen Queen Lebkuchen of the Year


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Pull out the red carpet because the queen has made her repeat appearance for the holidays. The delicious dark chocolate-covered Elisen Lebkuchen sprinkled with fine dark chocolate pieces was a favorite in 2021.

We don't have to tell you much about the Elisen Lebkuchen: Thanks to their exquisite ingredients, a high nut content and a low flour content, they are the crowning glory of the art of Lebkuchen. Each Elise is baked on a fine, fresh wafer. The Lebkuchen of the Year contains even no flour in the dough and is refined with chocolate patties in a chocolate coating. Let yourself taste the special Lebkuchen.

Ingredients: (40% Oil seed), almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, sugar, whole milk chocolate, cocoa butter

Net Weight: 280 g. / 9.87 oz.

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