Lebkuchen Schmidt Lebkuchen Hearts Box

Lebkuchen Schmidt Lebkuchen Hearts Box


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Say it with... gingerbread hearts! This typical Christmas biscuit is a delicious proof of your affection. Whether it's for your partner, your children or other loved ones around you is of course up to you. The beautifully designed box doesn't need any additional wrapping paper - you can simply hand over the gingerbread hearts with a radiant Christmas smile.

As usual, we have only used the best ingredients for this Christmas speciality, from the dough to the chocolate glaze to the fruity filling. It consists of apple jam and, thanks to its fruity sweetness, is the perfect counterpart to gingerbread dough, which is a taste contrast due to its spices. The combination creates a Christmas treat that is unparalleled and has been popular with young and old for generations.

Net Weight: 480 g. / 1.6 lbs.