Lars Own Wild Swedish Lingonberries

Item # P24148090

Lars Own Wild Swedish Lingonberries is an all natural, rich in antioxidants, perfect blend of sweet (sugar) and tart (lingonberries). Lingonberries are a staple food in Nordic cuisine, as the wildberries grow rampant across the beautiful Lapland landscape. These Lars Own Lingonberries have been handpicked from the forests of Sweden, stirred with sugar, and jarred to preserve their all natural sweet and tart taste. Each jar contains a high content of 50% lingonberries.

There are countless ways to use lingonberries, but some traditionally Scandinavian serving suggestions are atop pancakes, pork roasts, or meatballs. The lingonberries also make a great complement to Thanksgiving turkey and are delicious with yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream, cake and soft cheeses.

Lars’ Own is a premium collection of gourmet specialties representing popular and traditional Scandinavian and Northern European foods.

Net Weight: 397 g. / 14.0 oz.
Country of Origin: Sweden