Lambertz Dominos Auslese -
Lambertz Dominos Auslese -

Lambertz Dominos Auslese


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Lambertz Dominos Auslese, known in Germany as Dominosteine, are an assortment of double-filled fruity Aachen Dominos with 3 fillings, encased in exquisite dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate or white chocolate. The traditional German recipe calls for soft, cake-like Gingerbread with added layers of fruit-filling and Persipan-cream filling. The Persipan cream is made from Apricot kernels rather than ground Almonds.

This large tray contains 16 Dominos and is presented in an elegant wrapper. Keep cool and dry. Store in an air tight container after opening to maintain freshness. The chocolate glaze on these cookies is fragile and some breakage should be expected.

Lambertz began as a single bakery in 1688 in Aachen, Germany. Today, 330 years later, they still believe in that old-world craftsmanship. Under the leadership of Hermann Bühlbecker, a member of the Lambertz family, they have brought new-world tastes to the market, and in the process have become one of the top 5 cookie makers in the world.

Net Weight: 200 g. / 7.05 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany