Kühne Mixed Pickles Salad

Kühne Mixed Pickles Salad


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Do you want to try a variety of great vegetables put together into one jar? Introducing Kuhnes mixed pickles to go superb with your choice of a traditional dish. Perhaps some nicely grilled pieces of Wurstl will enhance your craving for a tasty meal. The first bite can be suspenseful not knowing what to expect from the colorful jar. Never judge food by the way it looks. The aromatic piquant infusion will make up for the thrill. It's so succulent that you might just demand for another jar. 

Best Before, but not Expired: 12/15/25

Ingredients: Vegetables in varying proportions (Gherkins, Cauliflower, Onions, Red Peppers, Carrots, Corn Cobs), Water, Spirit Vinegar, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Salt, Sugar, Natural Flavoring

Net Weight: 330 g. / 11.64 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany