Kamill Hand and Nail Creme

Kamill Hand and Nail Creme


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Kamill hand and nail cream provides normal and dry skin with intensive moisture. The gentle care formula with vitamin E prevents skin from drying out. Chamomile extract and bisabolol soothe and care for the skin naturally. Contains no artificial colors and no mineral oil.

Kamill is a natural cosmetics brand from Germany which built its original reputation around high quality hand care products. Now part of the larger Burnus Group, Kamill uses the concentrated powers of the naturally healing chamomile blossom and other soothing and protective moisturizers to soothe, relax, protect, and naturally care for the skin. All Kamill products are skin pH friendly, have no artificial colors and have been dermatologically tested.

Net Weight:  150 ml. / 5.07 fl.oz.
Country of Origin: Germany