Inge Glass "Ornament Reflections" Ornament, Star Center

Inge Glass "Ornament Reflections" Ornament, Star Center


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The snow crunches under our feet, thousands and thousands of flakes dance happily through the air.  The sun's rays break into bright colors and conjure up imaginative patters in the glittering crystals of ice.  We gaze in wonder at the colorful flurry of snow, while very now and then a cold flake tickles the tip of our nose.  Isn't this a magical winter day?

This beautiful ornament with a star center and a shiny silver reverse side.

The star on top of the ornament is the signature of Inge Glass and validates it authenticity.

With experience and great care, every single glass ornament is hand-blown and hand-painted in Inge's in-house manufactory, located in Neustadt bei Coburg, Bavaria.  Only the best materials are used, crystal clear glass, genuine sterling silver as well as the colors.  The result are handmade glass ornaments of the highest quality and lasting value - for an unforgettable Christmas celebration.

Net Size: 10 cm. / 4.0 from the crown
Country of Origin: Germany