Hengstenberg Senfgurken Mustard Pickles

Item # P4860105

Hengstenberg Senfgurken Mustard Pickles are mild and piquant mustard pickles, a German specialty! They are made from peeled cucumbers, which were evenly cut into bite-sized cucumber cubes, then infused with a fine, sweet-spicy mustard and pickled with mustard seed. Mustard Pickles are lightly spicy and sweet, with a pleasant texture, and are all natural. No preservatives, no saturated fat and no cholesterol.

Ideal as a snack or serve on the side with goulash or rouladen.

Ingredients: peeled cucumbers, vinegar, sugar, salt, mustard seeds, spices, natural flavors of herbs and spices, citric acid, anti-oxidant ascorbic acid.

Net Weight: 355 g. / 12.52 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany