Hengstenberg Salz Dill Gurken (Brine)

Hengstenberg Salz Dill Gurken (Brine)


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Something sour? Our salt-dill gherkins are gherkins with a harmonious tart-sour and slightly salty taste. This is what the well-known original “sour gherkin” tastes like. In contrast to classic gherkins, for example, salt-dill gherkins don't get their taste from a vinegar infusion, but from natural lactic acid fermentation. First, the cucumbers are placed in barrels with salt water, herbs and spices. The fructose contained in the cucumber is converted into lactic acid by the activity of lactic acid bacteria, similar to sauerkraut. Then the cucumbers are filled into glasses with the original brine. Why not try our pickles with salt and dill and let yourself be surprised by the completely different taste

Net Weight:  720 ml. / 24 fl. oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

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