Hengstenberg Alte Liebe Vinegar

Hengstenberg Alte Liebe Vinegar


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There are products that have real fans and have always been an integral part of the kitchen. Our old love is one of them. This full-bodied red wine vinegar made from red wines rich in bouquets is made according to a proven recipe and has a strong wine aroma. It is the ideal seasoning ingredient for classic salads such as potato salad, sausage salad, lettuce and for marinating lamb and venison. Anyone who tries this vinegar will fall in love!

Hengstenberg, was founded in 1867 by Richard Alfried Hengstenberg who was known for his knack quality and became a co-author of the 'vinegar purity law' enacted in 1876 which is still part of today's official food standards law. Today, the company offers a wide variety of pickled products and condiments, all known for the highest quality in the market.

Net Weight:  750 ml. / 25 fl. oz.
Country of Origin: Germany