Graupner Hen on Stand in Assorted Colors
Graupner Hen on Stand in Assorted Colors
Graupner Hen on Stand in Assorted Colors

Graupner Hen on Stand in Assorted Colors


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Graupner Holzminiaturen has been located in Crottendorf in the Erzebirge Region (Ore Mountains) for the last 30 years. The family-owned business was founded by Ronald and Kordula Graupner in 1986. Today, they have a treasure of goods consisting of more than 8,000 different, wooden small parts that have been manufactured with their unmistakable attention to detail. The miniatures have always remained true to their design and their originality. The matte glazed coloring of their products has become their distinctive trademark.

They have all been invented and built by the graduate mechanical engineer and master craftsman Ronald Graupner. The wood is being sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe only and is therefore 100 % PEFC certified. Through the process of thermal drying it becomes, very solid and durable.

The miniatures consist of up to one hundred tiny small parts. With brushes, tweezers, a steady hand and the necessary sense of proportion this lovely handwork is being assembled individually. All details and every face are hand painted. Hence every single piece of their collection is unique and has its own character.

Colors are a matter for the boss – Kordula Graupner is their master of colors and therefore responsible for their trademark. The colors are mixed by her personally out of the basic colors which requires years of experience and a good sense for color combinations.  They guarantee that their products are non- toxic and harmless. After drying, the paint forms a vibrant coat which doesn’t fade in the sun or leave stains when touched.

The Hanging Hen on Stand measures:
  •  24 mm
  •  62 mm
  •  45 mm