Bad Heilbrunner Weissdorn Tea (Arzneitee)

Bad Heilbrunner Weissdorn Tea (Arzneitee)


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The heart is the motor that drives our cardiovascular system and gives our body an inner rhythm. And just like every good motor, our heart sometimes needs a lubricant that helps it beat in the usual rhythm: with Bad Heilbrunner hawthorn medicinal tea, you have a proven tonic on hand to counteract cardiovascular weaknesses.

According to the old popular belief, hawthorn, like other thorn-bearing plants, was a magical plant that was able to ward off evil magic: with its circulation-promoting properties, the leaves and flowers of the medicinal plant have a positive effect on coronary arteries and the circulatory system of our body - and give tea a pleasant, mild, bitter taste.

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Net Weight: 2 g. / 0.07 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany