Bad Heilbrunner Hals & Rachen Tea

Bad Heilbrunner Hals & Rachen Tea


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Colds are never pleasant and dry coughs are one of their most uncomfortable companions. With our throat and throat tea you have a quick and natural way to alleviate these symptoms: The tea soothingly reduces irritated mucous membranes of the upper airways and the associated dry cough.

The finely coordinated ingredients look back on medicinal herbs that are probably several thousand years old: Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) makes up the largest part of the tea mixture. Together with the all-rounder anise and the proportion of liquorice root, this tea composition results in a pleasantly mild taste.

Instruction of dosage and kind of usage
Pour 150 ml of boiling water into 2 filter bags. Unless otherwise prescribed, drink a cup of freshly made tea 3-4 times a day

Net Weight: 14 g. / .5 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany