Nordzucker Zucker Hut (Sugar Cone) -
Nordzucker Zucker Hut (Sugar Cone) -

Nordzucker Hut (Sugar Cone)


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Nordzucker Zucker Hut (Sugar Cone) is a sugar cone (literally "sugar hat"), around seven inches long, that is used in the preparation of a traditional German punch called the Feuerzangenbowle.

Feuerzangenbowle is prepared in a bowl, similar to a fondue set, which usually is suspended over a small burner (rechaud). The bowl is filled with heated dry red wine spiced with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise and orange peel, similar to mulled wine. The Feuerzange is a purpose-designed metal grate mounted on top of the bowl to hold the Zuckerhut. The lights in the room are dimmed, the sugar is soaked with rum and carefully lit with a long-handled match, melting and caramelizing. The rum should be 151 proof and be at room temperature in order to burn properly. More rum is poured with a ladle until all the sugar has melted and mixed with the wine. As the rum-soaked sugar cone melts and drips into the wine with all its spices and hints of citrus, the punch gets sweeter and more mellow. The resulting punch is served in mugs while the burner keeps the bowl warm. For some, the ceremony is more important than the drink itself, celebrating the gathering of friends and conveying a notion of German Gemütlichkeit.

Net Weight: 250 g. / 8.82 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany