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Atrix Intensive Hand Cream Tin


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Atrix Intensive Hand Cream gives your hands the intense care and long-lasting moisture and protection they need from the harsh effects of daily life. Atrix Intensive Protection Cream, with natural Chamomile, forms a protective layer on the skin so even rough, chapped hands feel more smooth and soft with the first application. Hand moisturizing and protection in one effective cream.

Atrix Intensive Protection Cream is free of artificial colors. Its skin-compatibility has been confirmed by dermatologists.

Created in 1955, the international success enjoyed by Atrix can be attributed first and foremost to its effects: Atrix was the first hand cream in the world that not only conditioned hands, but also actively protected them. High-grade lipids, panthenol and glycerine provide a lasting supply of moisture, while chamomile is a force of regeneration. And thanks to its silicon content, Atrix - when applied before work - protects even dry and chapped skin like an invisible glove. For more than 50 years now, this unique combination of active ingredients has made Atrix the product of choice for people who lead "hands-on" lives at work or in their spare time, in the garden or in the home.

Net Weight: 150ml . / 5.07 fl.oz.
Country of Origin: Germany