Maison Marc Cornichons Malossols

Maison Marc Cornichons Malossols


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The Malossol gherkins are a big variety of gherkins but they are softer, less acid than our small gherkins. They are prepared with some spices and sugar. They are Slavic and very present in the Russian food. Still, we suggest you to discover them in a French version for the pleasure of your papillae.

Devoted to 100% French cornichons, Maison Marc has been cultivating and transforming gherkins on the family farm in Chemilly-sur-Yonne in Burgundy for three generations. No herbicides or insecticides are ever used. The totality of the farm's production is picked and sorted by hand, then immediately packaged, with no preservatives. Maintaining and perpetuating French know-how, Maison Marc offers the tastiest, freshest, crunchiest, and most authentic cornichons to be found.

Ingredients: gherkins, vinegar, water, salt, sugar, mustard seeds, dill, garlic, bay leaf.

Best Before, but not Expired: 8/13/25

Weight: 310 g. / 11.0 oz

Country of Origin: France