Breitsamer Honig Raw Acacia Honey

Breitsamer Honig Raw Acacia Honey


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Breitsamer Honig Raw Acacia Honey is 100% Natural mild honey from Bavaria. The white flowerage of the up to 82 feet high robinia (black locust) is one of the first honey sources for bees in spring. It offers a luscious nectar, which the bees convert into a water-clear to light yellow honey pleasure. Acacia honey is incomparably mild and sweet in taste. That makes it one of the most popular types of honey, which tastes just as good on bread as it does to sweeten drinks and yogurt.

The third generation of the Breitsamer family running this company takes high quality honey production very seriously, stating “We represent authentic honey enjoyment from traditional and sustainable apiaries. A trustworthy origin, a careful handling of the honey and first-class quality of the precious natural product mean everything to us because nature and every single one of our honeys are very close to our hearts. Transparency towards our customers is very important to us as a family business, which is why our labels have the exact declaration of origin of our products. Our honeys -regardless of their origin- have to meet our consistently high quality demands that are higher than required by the German Honey Regulation”.

Net Weight: 500 g. / 17.6 oz.

Country of Origin: Germany