Le Petit Duc Chocolate Panama Cake

Le Petit Duc Chocolate Panama Cake


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Fall in love with Petit Duc's Dark chocolate cake Panama, a cake with an incomparable softness and the delicious flavor of pure Panama dark chocolate.

This Dark chocolate cake Panama is made from our 63% pure Panama dark chocolate bar. An exceptional chocolate with notes of yellow fruit and a hint of vanilla, made from cocoa beans grown in the rainforest...

Its unique packaging guarantees a long shelf life and allows you to enjoy this Dark chocolate cake Panama at any time, possibly reheated, alone, or with a cream, ice cream, or fruit salad.

Ingredientseggs, sugar, almondsbutter, dark chocolate* 63% cocoa «Pure Origin Panama» 6% (cocoa beans*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*), cocoa*, pure vanilla extract.

Each cake is 4-5 peices.

Net Weight: 225 g. / 7.90 oz.
Country of Origin: France

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