Reber Constanze Milk Chocolate Bar -
Reber Constance Milk Chocolate Bar

Reber Constance Milk Chocolate Bar


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I sometimes wonder if Charlie From The Chocolate Factory had Reber's Constance Milk Chocolate Bar. Containing the finest gourmet pistachio marzipan made from fresh green pistachios, almonds and rich hazelnut praline. The layers of premium milk chocolate bring a stylish presentation to all chocolate lovers.

Made of high quality, natural raw materials in exclusive Reber premium quality.

  • WITHOUT palm oil and other foreign fats
  • WITHOUT artificial flavours and flavor enhancers
  • WITHOUT artificial colorants and preservatives
  • WITHOUT genetically modified raw materials
  • WITHOUT vegetable fat (except cocoa butter)


Net Weight: 100 g. / 3.5 oz.

Country of Origin: Germany