Hengstenberg Honig-Gurken

Hengstenberg Honig-Gurken


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The gherkin is the big sister of the gherkin. The special thing about it: Unlike pickling cucumbers, these cucumbers are peeled and cut before the infusion. With our Hengstenberg honey gherkins, you can expect tender, bite-sized gherkins in a mildly sweet infusion. This contains fine bee honey. Cucumbers from 100% German cultivation.

Ingredients:  Gherkins, sugar, brandy vinegar, apple cider vinegar, honey (2.5%), salt, mustard seeds, herbal extracts, spice extracts, citric acid, coloring agent riboflavin

Best Before, but not Expired: 12/31/25

Weight: 370 ml. / 12.51 fl. oz.

Country of Origin: Germany

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