Strega Baba Rhum
Strega Baba Rhum

Strega Baba Rhum


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Babas are yeast cakes shaped like mushrooms and soaked in hard liqueur and sugar. Similar to Brioche dough, these cakes ferment three times, creating a light, fluffy texture. To complete the process, the cakes are dried out for one day before being soaked. Since this is a time-intensive process, Babas are rarely made at home and instead purchased from specialty stores. The quality of the pastry is essential, as it absorbs the liqueur used. Generally, Rum is used to soak them, while regional liqueurs are a special treat. To enjoy them, simply turn the jar upside down before opening to ensure the cakes are fully covered in the liqueur. Cream or vanilla bean gelato are ideal accompaniments.

Net Weight: 750 g. / 1.65 lb.
Country of Origin: Italy

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