Lebkuchen Schmidt Premium Elisen Mix

Lebkuchen Schmidt Premium Elisen Mix


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Do you also find it hard to decide which gingerbread you want to enjoy? We know how it is. That's why we have created a pack of our three most popular Elisen gingerbreads for everyone with a wide range of tastes. Here you will find the fine Nuremberg gingerbreads, pure nutty, with icing and chocolate, all made with the best ingredients according to the traditional Elisen gingerbread, all unbelievably delicious!

The Elisen gingerbread mix is ​​also perfect for the coffee table or dessert selection: because there is something for everyone, everyone will be able to grab it and enjoy. And satisfied guests are, after all, the best guests!

Incidentally, the mix is ​​also wonderful for those who don't know Nuremberg gingerbread at all. Future gingerbread fans can try them all and find their favorite gingerbread - or fall in love with all three varieties! Add a bottle of mulled wine or punch and the Nuremberg enjoyment set is ready!

Net Weight: 330 g. / 11.64 oz.