Graupner Santa Claus & Bakery Arch with Bow Ornament

Graupner Santa Claus & Bakery Arch with Bow Ornament


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This classic hand-painted Santa Claus in the Bakery, framed by a red bow, can be either a Christmas Tree decoration or a small decorative piece on the mantel or festive table. 

Graupner Holzminiaturen has been located in Crottendorf in the Erzebirge Region (Ore Mountains) for the last 30 years. The family-owned business was founded by Ronald and Kordula Graupner in 1986. Today, they have a treasure of goods consisting of more than 8,000 different, wooden small parts that have been manufactured with their unmistakable attention to detail. The miniatures have always remained true to their design and their originality. The matte glazed coloring of their products has become their distinctive trademark.

Graupner Christmas ornaments add some color to the rich green of your Christmas tree. Not only can you hang their ornaments on your Christmas tree, but you can also use the miniatures as table decorations or as gift tags. Every piece has tiny details and tells a lovely story. They are all handmade from numerous small parts - which is one of Graupner's favorite jobs.

All Graupner ornaments come in a gift box.

  • Width 18 mm. / .71 in.
  • Height 68 mm. / 2.68 in.
  • Length 62 mm. / 2.44 in.

Net Weight: 28 g. / .99 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany