D'Arbo Lingonberry Syrup

D'Arbo Lingonberry Syrup


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Darbo Lingonberry Syrup is a versatile syrup made with concentrated lingonberry juice and sugar. This syrup is filled with a distinctive taste that has a sour, tart, and slightly sweet undertones to it.

Syrup is a type of viscous liquid that can be made by reducing naturally sweet juices as well as by simply dissolving sugar in water. Simple syrups are sweet, concentrated liquid beverages made by boiling water and sugar together. By adding fruits to this mix, the syrup takes on the natural flavor and color of the fruit, making the result ideal for adding to drinks and desserts for extra fruity and sweet flavors. 

Darbo is an Austrian family-run brand that started producing fruit jams, liqueurs, and syrups in 1879. For over 150 years, Darbo has developed into a leading jam company in Austria and eventually ventured abroad as well. Today they are offering a wide range of products like jams, honey, syrups, sauces, fruit desserts, and much more!

Darbo Lingonberry Syrup can be used for making delicious drinks or cocktails, and it can be a versatile addition to various beverages like smoothies, teas, lemonades, and even coffee. You can also use it as a delightful topping for desserts, fruits, and yogurts.

Ingredients: Sugar, concentrated lingonberry juice, citric acid. Refrigerate after opening. Shake before use.

Best before, but not expired: 6/13/2024

Net Weight: 500 ml. / 16.91 fl. oz.
Country of Origin: Austria