Graupner House "Snowman with Santa's Sleigh"
Graupner House "Snowman with Santa's Sleigh"

Graupner House "Snowman with Santa's Sleigh"


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This series of snowmen is particularly rich in detail and unusual - the snowman lives in the small house and spends his day with animals, chopping wood or delivering presents. A beautifully colorful world is presented with each motif in the smallest of spaces. Each house is provided with a red thread for hanging.

The Christmas tree decorations are particularly suitable for children's Christmas trees or Christmas bouquets. But it also looks great as a small piece of jewelry on the festive table or as a children's room decoration. As a gift for the children at Christmas time, as a small present or as a gift for the kindergarten teacher - this Christmas decoration is suitable for many occasions.

Brilliant colors, flawless workmanship and a high level of craftsmanship complete the valuable wood into a jewel of Ore Mountain folk art.

The miniature figures are all hand-painted. The wooden tree hanging is made of sycamore maple. Our colors contain particularly high-quality and lightfast pigments, which guarantee lasting brilliance and luminosity. They are certified according to the strict DIN EN71 guidelines for toys, and are naturally non-toxic and resistant to saliva.

As the importer, we guarantee the quality of this handmade Christmas tree decoration - an original miniature from the Ore Mountains - wooden art for your home.


  • Width 24 mm 
  • Height 74 mm 
  • Length 73 mm 

Country of Origin: Germany