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Authentic Niederegger Marzipan From Niederegger Lübeck

European Deli is excited to offer a wide selection of Niederegger marzipan products, imported directly from the Niederegger Lübeck company in Lübeck, Germany. Choose from an assortment of specialty goods, including indulgent marzipan cherry pralines, apple chocolate crumble loaves, gift boxes, holiday tins, and more! Perfect for the holiday season, or any special occasion, Niederegger marzipan products are sure to always impress. Shop our wide selection today!

All About Niederegger 

Niederegger was founded in Lübeck, Germany on 1 March 1806 by Johann Georg Niederegger. Family owned and operated since inception, the company's signature marzipan dates back to the days of the Hanseatic League. Classified as 100% marzipan, Niederegger marzipan contains much less sugar than that produced by other marzipan makers. Because of this, Niederegger marzipan has a characteristic sweet and nutty flavor.