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Marzipan's triumphal march began in Lübeck. Johann Georg Niederegger (1777–1856) founded the Niederegger factory which still makes the irresistible delicacy with such perfect quality. He even supplied marzipan to kings and czars. But the origin of the delectable delicacy lies elsewhere.

Marzipan was invented in the Orient where almonds and sugar have their home. When the crusaders returned from the Orient, they brought with them the secret of making marzipan. Mighty Hanseatic cogs carried the now legendary recipe to the North of Germany. Initially, however, only apothecaries were allowed to trade with sugar and spices. Not until confectionery became a trade in its own right were they allowed to produce marzipan. At first, it was only kings and the rich who were able to indulge in marzipan. It took until the beginning of the 19th century before ordinary citizens were able to enjoy the fine marzipan as sugar became more affordable once it could be extracted from sugar beet.

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