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European Deli is excited to offer a wide selection of Lebkuchen Schmidt products, imported from Europe, and shipped from our distribution center in Cedar Knolls, NJ. Our company is a leading importer of specialties from Germany, and we are now recognized as the sole importer of Lebkuchen Schmidt in the United States. Scroll through and select from more than 50 of our specialty Lebkucken Schmidt products, perfect for family celebrations, or a surprise for the holiday season!

Lebkuchen Traits and Varieties

Lebkuchen, pronounced "leyb-koo-kuh-n", is a honey-sweetened German cake molded cookie, or bar cookie, made from honey, flour, spices, and nuts. Similar to its European counterpart gingerbread, Lebkuchen differs in its soft, dense, and often nutty flavor profile, as well as its overall texture, which is often soft and cake-like. These cakes, cookies, and bars are often decorated with icing and sugar crystals and can be shaped into many different designs, making them a popular holiday treat during the holiday months in Europe.

In Germany, types of Lebkuchen are distinguished by the kind of nuts used and their proportions, the most popular being Nuremberg Lebkuchen, or Elisenlebkuchen in Germany. This distinct style is differentiated by its use of almost no flour within its recipe, as well its high ratio of nuts, specifically a combination of almonds and hazelnuts. Additionally, the Nuremberg Lebkuchen typically contain marzipan (almond paste), candied citron and orange peel, and they always have an edible wafer (known as Oblaten or Back Oblaten) on the bottom. These delicacies are served rather large, most often rounded, but sometimes rectangular, and you will often find them packaged in decorative tins intended to be shared as holiday gifts.

History of Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen originated from the honey cakes (Honigkuchen) that were baked by Egyptians centuries ago as an offering to their deities. The Lebkuchen we are familiar with today; however, was invented by monks in Franconia, Germany, or modern-day Bavaria, in the 13th century. During this time Nuremberg thrived as an exporter of the product, largely due to its strategic positioning along the crossroads of the ancient spice trade routes, giving it access to the then-exotic spices found in lebkuchen, as well as the city's proximity to a number of dense forests, which provided the city with a vast source of honey, a key ingredient in Lebkuchen. Today, Nuremberg (and the surrounding areas) continue this production, using the spices and natural ingredients found within their region to produce Lebkuchen year-round.

Lebkuchen Schmidt From European Deli

European Deli is the the largest importer of Lebkuchen Schmidt in the United States, offering more than 50 unique, authentic Nuremberg Lebkuchen Schmidt gingerbread products. Nuremberg Lebkuchen Schmidt dates as far back as 1926, and the product is noted for its overall quality, involving fresh, consistent ingredients, and careful, responsible production. Shop from our wide selection of goods, including biscuits, lebkuchen cookies, festive gift boxes, decorative holiday tins, bars and more!