Reber Black Forest Cherry Hearts in Counter Display Box - 36 Pieces

by Reber
Item # C2236045

Reber Black Forest Cherry Hearts have pieces of cherry soaked in Kirschwasser on a bed of gourmet almond marzipan, covered with a layer of gourmet milk and dark chocolate. This counter display box contains 36 pieces.

Composition: Bitter sweet chocolate 31% filled with marzipan (50%) and cherry-fruit (19%), decoration: milk chocolate Min. 60% cocoa in bitter sweet chocolate, min. 35% cocoa and min. 20% milk solids in milk chocolate.

Ingredients: Sugar, almonds, cocoa mass, candied cherries (cherries, invert sugar syrup, sugar, cherry juice concentrate, acid citric acid, fruit- and vegetable concentrate, natural flavoring (cherry)), cherry fruit filling (fruits 50%, morello cherry puree, sugar, glucose syrup, gelling agent pectin, acidity regulators (citric acid, sodium citrate), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, lactose, Kirsch, brandy, humectant invertase, emulsifier sunflower lecithins, alcohol, natural flavoring (cherry).

Each Item Net Weight: 31 g. / 1.1 oz.
Total Net Weight: 1116 g. /  2.46 lbs.
Country of Origin: Germany