Edora Hirschhornsalz Ammonium Carbonate

Edora Hirschhornsalz Ammonium Carbonate


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Hirschhornsalz is used to loosen flat pastries, such as short crust pastry or gingerbread. It is suitable for use in rye dough because of good swelling and baking properties (loosening, large volume and elasticity of the dough).

It also creates the typical spicy taste. It drives the dough, especially the width. The acid protects the dough from foreign fermentation and prevents the colonization of mold fungi. That's why sourdough pastries last a long time.

Hirschhornsalz is not suitable for biscuits, because ammonia would be retained, which may affect taste and color.

Hirschhornsalz is harmful to health if eaten directly. Hirschhornsalz differs from baking soda due to the lack of acidic ingredients.

Net Weight: 20 g. / .70 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany