Dr. Oetker Kase Sahne Creme
Dr. Oetker Kase Sahne Creme
Dr. Oetker Kase Sahne Creme

Dr. Oetker Kase Sahne Creme


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Creamy dessert based on the popular cheese and cream cake. If you love the classic cake, then the cheese and cream cake is just the right dessert for you. The cream has the typical, delicious taste of a cheese and cream cake. At the same time, the Dr. Oetker cheese cream has a wonderfully creamy consistency.

A cake for dessert: enjoy the creamy cheese spread with your friends for dessert. But the cream can also convince as a small sweet temptation for in between, because it is very easy to prepare and sure to succeed. To do this, whip up the dessert powder of the cream cheese cream with cold milk and quark. Then refrigerate the cream for a short time. That's how fast you can create a delicious dessert.

You can serve the cream cheese cream pure or add fruit to it. The dessert tastes particularly good with tangerines, for example. On tortes, the cream forms an enjoyable combination with various fruits.

Best Before, but not Expired: 3/31/25

Weight: 63 g. / 2.22 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany