Lebkuchen Schmidt Fairytale House
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Lebkuchen Schmidt Fairytale House


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Children's eyes light up when they see the cute little Fairytale House, of course based on the Gingerbread House from Hansel and Gretel. It is simply great to look at and filled with delight.  With tasty Lebkuchen Hearts and an entertaining fairytale that will please not only the little ones but also the young at heart. Because you are never too old for fairytales or Gingerbread!

To bring a little variety to the delights, an apple-fruit filling has been added to the Gingerbread dough made from the best nuts and spices. A little taste surprise. The chocolate coating rounds off the overall experience - the Gingerbread will be gobbled up faster than you can look. But the cottage and the fairytale will remain in the children's rooms and are guaranteed to be brought out again and again to be played with and read. The perfect gift for St. Nicholas Day or under the Christmas tree!

Net Weight: 150 g. / 5.29 oz.

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