Lebkuchen Schmidt Choice Lebkuchen
Lebkuchen Schmidt Choice Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen Schmidt Choice Lebkuchen


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What faction do you belong to? To the chocolate lovers or the sugar glaze gourmets? It is exciting to see that the tastes for Gingerbread diverge so much that there are few people who like both types of Gingerbread equally.

Lebkuchen-Schmidt,has developed so many different types of Gingerbread that everyone can bite happily and contentedly into their favorite treat. The two most popular ones, chocolate and sugar glaze are in one pack because we are sure that in every family, both camps are represented. And with our large Lebkuchen roll, there is no argument, but rather a cozy enjoyment together with a cup of tea, coffee or mulled wine. Picture-book Christmas spirit!

We have packed the delicious Oblaten Lebkuchen airtight for long-lasting freshness. Just in case the pack does not empty immediately, although we think that is unlikely. Instead, we recommend ordering several packs of the Lebkuchen roll to have a good supply and to always be prepared for a little Gingerbread snack!

Net Weight:  500 g. / 17.64 oz.

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