Napoleon Lemon Candy

Item # F1066075
Single or Multipack

Napoleon Lemon Candy is a wonderful candy with a sweet outer hard shell and a sour lemon sherbet centre. A genuine classic for over 100 years! Still all natural with no artificial flavors or colors. The bag contains approximately 24 individually wrapped pieces.

The story of the Napoleon brand goes back to 1912 in Antwerp, Belgium where Louis Janssens owned a sugar bakery called ‘IN DE GOUDEN BOL’. Louis invented a new type of sweet in this year, which stood out for many reasons: it was yellow, sour on the inside, hard on the outside and featured a layer of sherbet powder. This delicious sweet was well appreciated by the citizens of Antwerp and therefore needed to be given a name. When a friend and chocolatier boasted over a drink in a café about his new chocolate truffle, which he had given the name ‘Caesar’, Louis announced “then I will call my bonbons ‘Napoleon’”.

Little did he know then that 100 years on, his sweet would be hugely popular under this very same name. As time went on, the brand was bought by a firm in the Netherlands who has continued making the traditional candy and has expanded the flavor selections. Try the Napoleon Fruit Mix too!

Net Weight: 150 g. / 5.29 oz.
Country of Origin: Netherlands