Vilux Champagne Vinegar

Vilux Champagne Vinegar


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The Vilux Champagne Vinegar makes the ideal accompaniment to citrus salad dressings or light butter sauces. Made with Champagne grapes from Reims, this vinegar is sure to please the finest of French gourmands. Make this a part of your pantry, and you're sure to bring authentic French flavors to your cooking!

Based in Merey-sous-Montrond, in Bourgogne Franche-Comté - a region rich in history with ancestral culinary traditions, Vilux has always had the mission of sharing its love for good food, made with the best ingredients.

Since our beginnings, we have developed and retained a demanding clientele, as passionate about good food as Vilux is!

Specialized in Major Export, Vilux is a brand known and recognized worldwide for the quality of its products and the professionalism of its services.


Vilux is also committed to social and environmental issues.

Indeed, we are committed to actively participating in the sorting and recycling of waste in order to preserve the environment.

As for our social commitment, we call on the services of an ESAT (Establishment and Service of Help through Work) for the realization of conditioning, in order to support the reintegration of people with disabilities through work.

Weight: 25 cl. / 8.5 fl oz.
Country of Origin: France