Brets Potato Chips with Camembert Flavor

Brets Potato Chips with Camembert Flavor


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Find all the flavors of this great cheese of French gastronomy on our wavy Bret's crisps!

Brets beautiful story begins in 1991 , when Alain Glon created a potato sector in partnership with Breton farmers.  Alain's initial idea was to provide additional remuneration to Breton farmers and breeders by developing a potato sector specific to crisps.  From the selection of varieties, planting, assistance with cultivation techniques, then finally harvesting: the agricultural basin of Pontivy quickly became a specialist in this production.  Alain's bet as an entrepreneur came quickly, in 1995 , by creating from scratch the first Breton crisps factory. The company has specialized since its creation by launching the first flavored crisps on the French market with its Brets brand.

Ingredients: Potatoes (France) (61.9%), sunflower oil (31%), salt, processed cheese powder 0.9% (including Camembert 0.5%), natural flavors (milk), onions, garlic, pepper.
Possible traces of: celery, mustard.
Weight: 125 g. / 4.4 oz.
Country of Origin: France