Knorr Beilagen Spaetzle (Spätzle)

Knorr Beilagen Spaetzle (Spätzle)


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Knorr's Classic Spaetzle Egg Noodles are a traditional German pasta dish crafted with the finest ingredients, blended with an expert combination of spices. This dish boasts a tantalizing flavor and fragrance, and provides an authentic German cuisine experience.

Knorr's tasty  Spaetzle Egg Noodles are quick and easy to prepare. You just need to cook it in water for around 15 minutes,  drain and let it sit to cool down. Finally, pair it with a meat or vegetable sauce of your choice or simply add butter and drizzle some lemon juice to add more vibrancy and zest. Enjoy wholesome, delectable classic Spaetzle with a rich German homemade taste.

Best before, but not expired: 12/31/2025

Country of Origin: Germany