Soreewaldhof Stachelbeeren (Gooseberries)

Soreewaldhof Stachelbeeren (Gooseberries)


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Gooseberries stand out because of their green color and refreshingly sweet and sour aroma. For everyone who loves variety on the spoon: Sorbets and cakes with gooseberries are particularly delicious.

With great passion for canning the Spreewaldhof company processes fresh fruit and vegetables into delicious specialties. Our connection to the region, good ingredients, freshly harvested processing, a lot of manual work and traditional recipes ensure quality that you can taste. Find out why our Spreewald gherkins, our cold-grated applesauce and many other products are so uniquely delicious.

Net Weight:  680 g. / 24.0 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany