Peureux Griottines Cherries in Liqueur 1 L 'La Parfait' Jar

Peureux Griottines Cherries in Liqueur 1 L 'La Parfait' Jar


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Appreciated worldwide Griottines are tasty wild pitted cherries prepare din a liqueur whose single recipe is closely guarded.

Peureux Griottines Cherries in Liqueur in Glass Jar are a world-famous specialty. Auguste Peureux founded his liqueur distillery in 1864 in Fougerolles, France and specialized in creating the world famous Fougerolles Kirsch liqueur among others. In the 1950's, Peureux created a unique recipe macerating de-stoned, wild Oblachinska Morello cherries, grown only in the Balkans, with various liqueurs from the distillery in Fougerolles, adding the hallmark flavor of the Kirsch at the end to achieve 15% vol. before packaging.

Add the Griottines to desserts, aperitifs and cocktails to turn every event into a party.

The 1 liter ‘Le Parfait’ jar is the perfect format for culinary use.

Net Weight: 1 L. / 33.81 fl.oz.
Country of Origin: France