Lebkuchen Schmidt Spitzen Triangles
Lebkuchen Schmidt Spitzen Triangles

Lebkuchen Schmidt Spitzen Triangles


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This new creation of our gingerbread makers is tenderly melting, sheer nut-chocolate poetry, which will be part of every family gathering from now on, we are absolutely sure!

The difference to Elisen Lebkuchen is not only the shape - the triangle is new at Lebkuchen-Schmidt - but also the fact that Schmidt do not bake the gingerbread on wafers. Instead, after cooling, Lebkuchen Schmidt dips them completely in whole-milk chocolate and decorate them additionally with fine threads of light chocolate.

The result: A special kind of taste sensation, because seldom have so many nuts and so much chocolate entered into such a flavor-intensive combination, which melts in the mouth and makes any connoisseur blissfully close his eyes when he bites into it. Try it out for yourself!

Net Weight: 215 g. / 7.6 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany