Lebkuchen Schmidt Black Elise

Lebkuchen Schmidt Black Elise


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Black Elisen Lebkuchen are a very special treat for chocolate lovers. The rich, dark color and the extraordinary flavor comes from the fine cocoa in the Gingerbread mixture.

Legend has it, that company founder E. Otto Schmidt knocked over a cocoa tin while experimenting in the bakery. This is how the cocoa got into the dough - and lo and behold, the experiment tasted delicious! Today the Black Elisen are among the most popular Lebkuchen-Schmidt Gingerbread - the dark seduction on the finest wafer, covered with wonderfully crunchy chocolate. You just have to try them!

The four Elisen Lebkuchen are in beautiful gift packaging. Ideal as a Christmas or St. Nicholas Day gift, for your friends or work colleagues. Or you can give a present to yourself.  And if you want more than the Black Elisen, then order one of the mixed Gingerbread parcels - in which there is something for everyone!

Net Weight:  275 g. / 9.70 oz.